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A. Oregon eggs

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Came back from a service call to Milwaukee and found my extra aggressive female Apistogramma sp. Oregon fiercely defending a tiny patch of turf. Then I realised she was protecting these:

Look at the base of the wood underneath her.

Protecting her new 3" x 3" territory.

Turns out A. Oregon eggs are exactly the color of red flourite. I doubt she can raise any fry in this tank after hatching. I think the neons will prove too quick for her to prevent them picking off the fry.
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sweet. good luck. maybe remove the other fish or wait until they hatch and move the fry.
I'm not really set up to move them. Maybe if she keeps this up, I'll set up my quarantine tank. Otherwise, it's a jungle in there. I'm not seeing much of the other female either other than feeding time.

I also noticed 1/3 of the eggs are missing today.
If she's a good mother and there is food for them some might survive. I have 3 A. steindachneri that are community tank spawn.
Maybe. I think she's eating the eggs though. There's fewer each day. There are shrimp in the tank also, which could be getting them at night. She didn't pick a very good spot to lay them. There are several caves which would be easier for her guard. It's also possible they are going bad, but I haven't seen any turn white.

I'm not terribly intersted in trying to raise fish. I do like seeing them spawn though, as it generally indicates healthy fish. I have very hard water, which may not be ideal for egg developement either.

Like I mentioned earlier though, if they keep laying eggs maybe I'll formulate some sort of plan for aising the fry. At least once the eggs hatch, or are eaten, things should calm down on that side of the tank.
She ate the rest of the eggs today. Yum!:flick: . I don't blame her. I like eggs too!

I haven't seen the other female much, and this one started excavating a new cave, so maybe I will set up the quarantine tank.
I wasn't trying to raise mine either, a few made it past food stage was all.

What type of shrimp are with the Apistos? I always thought that the Apistos would dine on shrimp.
Amano shrimp. They survive by being as big or bigger than the Apistos.

There are eggs in the other cave also. I shone a flashlight into the cave while the female was out eating.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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