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HI All,

I thought I'd give the newbies a run down (more of a warning ) about dosing the most simplest things.

My friend called me last night in a panic because all of his fish in his 70 litre aquarium were all gasping for air at the surface! So I drove the 10 minutes to his place with all my test kits to help him figure out what is happening to his fish and his water.

His tank has been running for atleast 9 months and its fully cycled. After I did all the testing, everything was normal. So I asked questions...

It all started an hour or two after his weekly water change. When I asked if he treated his tap water first before he out in the tank, he said yes and also tested the temperature. I then asked him what he used... and he said he used Seachem Prime. He then said he used 3 caps full for the bucket of water...

Voila - I told him he has over dosed his water (more that 5x the recommended dose) and its limited the O2 in his water ...hence his fish was suffocating...

We siphoned 2 buckets of water and poured treated tap water (half- recommended dose) into the tank. We adjusted the output hose of his filter to achieve the fattest circulation and watched. After an hour, we did another bucket full with only half of the recommended dose again. His fish were behaving normally again.

The lesson he learned here is to dose - even dechlorinators - as per the recommend dose.
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