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Just did a trim and moving out some plants, here is what is available!

~8-12" hygrophila angustifolia x9 available $0.50/stem
~4" hygrophila diformis (wisteria) x2 available $0.50/stem
~4" Ludiwgia Repens x Arcuata x8 avaiable $0.50/stem
~4" Bacopa Caroliana softball sized clump available $0.25/stem
~0.5-1.0" Small Anubias Nana Rhizomes x25 available $2.00/each
Marislea Minuta many available $1.00/10 nodes (all available pending)

Each Order recieves 5x Osmocote Plus Root Fert Capsules

+$6 Shipping

OR package and take all available Hygros, Ludwigia, Bacopa, 10x M. Minuta, and 5x mystery plant (looks a bit like hydrocotyle but not sure of species name) - $25 shipped

I do not use heat packs so mind your weather, if it will be cold let me know and I can throw in some newpaper or stuffing as insulation
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