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Setting up my 166g, and when I'm through cycling I will need plants.
Corkscrew Vallisneria
Anubias Nana(standard)
Java fern- 5-6 rhizomes of 5 leafs for a total of 25-30 leafs
Dwarf sag
Amazon Frogbit
Dwarf Hairgrass
Anarchis(to soak up trates)
Amazon sword-6"+
Brazilian Water Ivy

Using Eco-Complete and a T5HO fixture of 2 bulbs 6700k and 2 bulbs 650nm, if that concerns anyone.

EDIT: Have supplier for fern, wisteria, frogbit, and anarchis.
IDGAS unless you have something else LOL
PM if you have and are willing to sell preferably ofc for cheap.

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Check our for sale thread in our sig for anubias or anacharis I can do 30 stems of anacharis for $9.90. I dont know what size java fern you wanted but we have it in 3 sizes, small loose large loose and medium potted. We also have needle leaf Java and windelov Java. We have the dwarf hair grass in pots too!

Let us know
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