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Okay, so this is my 1st aquarium. Started out last June as a low-tech goldfish tank, but through my internet research, I've taken a liking towards planted tanks.

People of Planted Tank, I need your help in deciding what to do with the scape. Right now my tank is kind of a $h&# show. I'm moving out of my college apartment in 1 month, where I will change the tacky blue substrate to eco-complete. That day will be revolutionary for me. I want to have a solidified plan for when I move everything back home. So here are my specs:

Standard 10g
3wpg compact fluorescent bulbs. 10ish hours a day
aqueon 10 hob filter (whatever the kit came with) +aquaponic bed filter
DIY CO2 (1st implemented 18 days ago, just made a new batch today)
water 75 F
Tacky blue substrate, soon-to-be eco-complete
Ferts: a few drops of flora pride tetra plant, excel every other day
Fauna: 1 goldfish, a bunch of snails.
Flora: Water Wisteria, Hornwort, Anubias Barteri Amazon Sword, Anacharis, Rotala Indica, mystery rotala

Zebra rock, malaysian driftwood, & random rocks from my school campus (passed the vinegar test)

I created a moss wall yesterday. Can't wait to see how that turns out!

And here is the mess:

View attachment 45961

So the issues I need help with:

1. empty space for a foreground plant. I'm thinking dwarf sag or microsword carpet. What would you do?

2. I have this really nice piece of driftwood that I'm having trouble utilizing. Leave as is, or lay it across the tank where the school rocks are? Or should I attach moss or anubias to it?

3. Zebra rock area, needs something along the base. I'm leaning towards dwarf hairgrass surrounding it. Should I break that small one so there's 3 more noticeably striped ones?

4. Negative space. Need a tall plant that likes water movement there. Or slide the moss wall over?

5. Is having these rocks and the Zebra rock too conflicting aesthetically? Would the wood look better here in front of the rotala?

I know there's a lot here. Your thoughts and opinions on my setup would be greatly appreciated. If there's other things on here that aren't numbered and that you'd like to address, feel free! I'm open to anything.

If you have any individual questions about the moss wall or anything like that, PM me.

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I would change the blue rock substrate for Scott's top soil with River sand for topping (El Natural). River sand was $3 for me at landscaper for a big bag.

Put all of the dark rocks and wood on the right side angle from the front to the back off center of tank. The zebra rock and white rock in front of the wisteria.

The injection of Co2 is unnecessary for the plants that you have.

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Welcome to the hobby..... I mean addiction...

Hilde has great advice. The blue is the biggest thing for me. Most who keep plants aim for a natural look. Think about how a pond or small creek may look if you plucked out 40 gallons (or how ever big your tank is)

And as always... no question is stupid when it comes to aquariums. They are trial and error and looking back to when I started, I have learned ALOT.... with much more to still learn
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