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A little help please.

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I came home from work today to find my two flame dwarf gouramis dead. One had developed a bulge in his stomach lately I thought I had probably just overfed him. The other looked fine. Both had been acting normally lately. They were in a 45G tank with 2 powder blue dwarf gouramis that are just fine right now. One has a little red spot on his side that looks like he got nipped by one of the others.

Other tank mates include:
6 peppered cory's
4 threadfin rainbow fish
1 farowella catfish
1 banjo catfish

I do have a problem with this grayish algae growing on a piece of driftwood. (It never spreads anywhere else)

Water parameters were
temp 78
ph 7.4
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 5.0 ppm

I'm worried since they both died on the same day. A little help please

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Dwarf gourami's tend to be fragile healthwise. How long have you had them?

Practical Fishkeeping reports that up to 22% of all Colisa lalia from the Far East carry Dwarf gourami Iridovirus so it might not have been anything that you did.

I really like dwarf gouramis but I don't think I have recently purchased one that lasted for more than a month. I tend to avoid them now.

thanks - I had read about that virus, it just struck me as odd that both of them died on the same day. Of course I did buy on the same day so.... I don't know

I've had them for about 3 months now
Dwarf Gouramis are one of my favorite freshwater fish. I've been buying them repeatedly for years, now, hoping that eventually I'll be able to get some that will live for more most...a month or two. I guess that virus is really a serious problem because they are so difficult to keep. In my case, just when I finally thing I have some that will make it, they start to decline and die.
They also tend to be pumped full of hormones to make them color up more quickly so they can be sold at a better profit margin. Isn't very healthy for the fish, to say the least.
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