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a little bubble of eggs!?? what is this!???

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Hey guys, I just noticed a jelly bubble filled with eggs in my flame moss screen.

Here's a pic. Please tell me what it is.

I have 2 amano shrimps, 8 x cardinals, 5 x xray tetras, nerites, oto cats. . And that's it..


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Those are snail eggs, but not nerite snails. You have pond or bladder snails in there somewhere. They're harmless, don't worry. They can multiply quite a bit, but only if you're overfeeding the tank.
I have some small ramshorn but that's it. Are you sure those are snail eggs?! That's quite a big bubble for a snail
Or it could be the ramshorns, I forgot to mention those.
Yeah, it is a big bubble, but it's the only thing that lays eggs like that aside from frogs.
Tetras and ottos spawn by scattering eggs
Nerites lay single eggs all over things
Amano shrimp carry eggs around on their fins
And that just leaves snails.
Definitely snail eggs ... pond, bladder or ramshorn. Enjoy! ;)
I will take that out then. Thanks guys!!
Good luck with that. I tried removing every single egg pouch I found and just when I thought I had removed everything, I see a ton of needle tip size snails on everything the next day.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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