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A large container for breeding daphnia

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I am planning to raise my own fish food, mainly daphnia and Cyclops in a large enough water container. Does anyone tried it? What kind of container would be the best? I am going to put it outside. Translucent walls of some big bins would be beneficial for water bloom to enhance small crustacean production, but I would not like it to crumble in a year or two.
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Thank you for the answers. I am surprised how little water may be enough to run the culture and even feed fish. I will go for the kiddie pool. I will put it in the shade of the barn to avoid overheating. I have plenty of goat manure mixed with straw to enhance water bloom. I thought the plastic stuff would not last long. We have a small pond about50X50 feet and about 5 feet deep in the middle. It had some crustacean to feed aquarium fish. However, I populated it with goldfish and channel catfish. No more daphnia since then. They consume it all. On the bright side, I can eat my own fish now.
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