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Hi folks,
So I am about to set up my 18 gallons Walstad tank. I have a lot of concerns and uncertainty about my tank, but mostly about how to keep my plants alive during the first period. I know not all of my plants will be able to survive the first few months. But I am really curious if there is a method that can increase the survival probability of the plants.

So I have read Ms. Walstad's article about the Dry Start Method (DSM). In her article, she said that the DSM has several advantages to the emergent plants grow faster than fully submerged one. But in her try-out, she only used carpet plants. And she only use a small amount of water- only to make her soil wet.

That makes me wonder: can I try a HYBRID/HALF Dry method for a tank with taller plants, though? I was thinking that when I plant my non-carpet plants, I will only put my water at a level that allow a large number of my plants to be partially emerged. I mean, that would help my plants acquire CO2 easier, right? And when my plants grow, I will be able to gradually increase my water level. That's my strategy.

And most importantly: has anyone ever tried this method before? If you do, did it work for you? Also, everybody else is welcome to give me your opinon. I would really appreciate it.
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