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A H Supply

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I am looking to light a 20G Long.

I am thinking of using the 2 x 55 watt Bright Kit™ with the 30" Enclosure.

Can you run only one 55w at a time or do you have to run both:

What are your overall thoughts with A H Supply?

Thanks for your input!
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i bought from ah supply because they are local to me. really nice people to work with and will help you in any way they can.

i bought their 1x36watt and 2x55watt kit from them. with the 2x55watt kit. it comes with 1 ballast and the bulbs are attached to the ballast in parallel. i would think it would be find if you could make a switch to turn on of the lights on or off. those ballast are ment to run up to 110w or more lighting, running less shouldnt be a problem

dont quote me on this tho, this is just based on my assumption. best is to call and ask. love to see how the tank would turn out with 5.5wpg of lighting:hihi:
I've either bought from the start or converted to AHSupply lights on all of my tanks in the past. Send them an email and ask! Very helpful, will let you know what they can do and what they can ship you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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