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a good foreground crypt?

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Any suggestions for a short crypt that could be used in the foreground? Anybody ever tried cryptocoryne parva?

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I have C. parva in my 55 and it stays compact with slow but steady growth.
I had parva as a foreground in a 29gal. It grows slowly, you have to be aware of that. It's not a fast foreground plant, but it stays low, compact and with enough time gets rather dense.
It's not really a foreground plant ...but I have a wendtii (brown, I think) in each foreground corner. I like they way they frame the front side of the tank.
I have grown crypts as well. They grew huge in my tank.

Brown, green and Tropica. lot's of Co2 makes the leaves stand up and reach for the surface.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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