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*Note: This journal is being transfered from a forum that wasn't active enough, and luckily I found the Planted Tank!

After experimenting with my first fish tank ever, a 10 gallon glofish tank. I knew that I wanted something more. So a week ago, I picked up a 40 gallon breeder tank to embark on a planting journey. And this is it's journal. Have fun reading my missery and please give advice, not criticism. This is my learning experience :)

Day 1:
Petco Run. "So what do I need to start planting? Fluorite? Fluorite seems like a great idea!" Well... We will get back to that.
Picking up a variety of things that said "good for plants" and a hand full of random plants, along with a main wood piece I left the store.

The troubles of day one began. Moving the previous substrate onto all four corners (more of a gray substrate which comes from an older tank for the bacteria benefits). Open up the bags of fluorite and go ham throwing 30 pounds of it into the center to attempt to make a hill where the wood piece would live. I decide to add water to start planting. UHH OHH... Why is my water ****ING MUDDY BROWN. Literally could not see 1 inch into the tank.

Time for mad research. Of course I did everything wrong.

Drained all the water (Using my mouth and a hose, *yuck*) and cup by cup took the substrate into buckets and washed for two hours... Skipping some time, the tank now is refilled, after hours of water changes. It's still cloudy. More research and I fall asleep.

Day 2:
Wake up and the tank is much clearer. PHEW. Still dirty as hell, but PHEW. After work I began planting what I had.

Progress picture 1:

Mmmm. That crystal clean water. Yum.
Today was the revelation of education on my behalf for cleaning water. Went to my local petco and picked up filter floss, clarity, bacteria to push the cycle process (which before everyone flips out at day 3, I was using 50% pre-used substrate, a filter and filter media from another tank, and the bacteria product), and some more products for the plants.

Before I end day 2. Let me tell you what else I did.
Water Change, Water Change, Filter Floss Change,
Water Change, Water Change, Filter Floss Change,
Water Change, Water Change, Filter Floss Change,
Water Change, Water Change, Filter Floss Change... FUN

Notes from Day 2 "TL DR":
I'm glad I spent time to learn a lot, and I had an absolute blast planting for the first time. I'm very proud of my first planting experience too. I love the look :)

Day 3:
The water cleared up a bunch! and I felt comfortable to add fish...
Now people will be mad at this, but again, this is my learning process. I had bought the fish when I got the tank, and they were stuck in a 10g so it was an emergency to have them moved. I have been checking water ammonia every day, and my fish look extremely happy now. Anywho, I added the 8 tetras, and later went to the store for 2 plecos and 2 mollys. Time for another picture? I think so!

Day 3 Notes "TL DR": Water cleared up a bit! made me happy. Added Fish and watched them for hours.

Day 4:
More Fish! (I know, too soon. This is my learning experience)
We added 2 long fin goldfish. (YES, I KNOW, This was a mistake) But this is my learning experience :) (They are being relocated to my girlfriends parents house whom will take care of them in a proper environment ) and later in the day two of my favorite fish at the moment, angel fish.
I felt like the plants were not thick enough at the end of the day, and knew tomorrows goals were plants plants plants!
I also found a local aquarium store 20 minutes from me and had left to go there to find they were closed on the day I went :C!!!


Angel Fish are amazingly gorgeous.

Day 4 notes "TL DR": Finally got my favorite fish! and made a mistake by adding some fishes whom are not compatible. But I learned and the fish will be safe in a new home in a few days! But, All of the fishes seem extremely happy!

Day 5:

Went to the new aquarium store!!!
Was so excited, I even brought a friend and my girlfriend. Yes, I have an obsession, is that okay?
Talked with the store owners for an hour or two and picked up more plants!
Not to mention, the water is really clearing up! What's that? Picture Time. Yes!

Unfortunately, I found out that one or two of my species of plants might die due to not enough light! Have to find more light!

Day 5 Notes "TL DR": Finding a LFS is important. It's an inspiration, and it made me want to start this journal.


Bump: Bump: I forgot what day! But Here's an update!

What's been happening?
- I've been adding more plants as I go on.
- Water is clear now
- Both Pleco's have died (On the same night. rip. :'C I Don't know why!)
- Gold fish moved out to gf parents house.

Time for some pictures!!!
Full Tank.

Right Side.

Left Side.

Moving Forward,
I'm looking for another light to support my plant life. Hoping to find one on craigslist xD
Waiting a tiny bit longer then I'm going to attempt adding guppies so I can see more life develop in a shorter period of time. (I know the risk with the angel fish, They seem extremely friendly though, so I will watch it closely.)
Going to add some algae eating shrimp, and going to pick a replacement fish for the two gold fish that have left an empty void.

Hope you like the pictures, everything's moving very steadily! :)

Bump: It's been some time since I've updated, I wanted there to be a lot of progress and changes before I posted again.

So what's happened then?

Hydor 100 gal canister installed.
Small Drift Wood added.
New plant added.
CO2 Monitor
Two temporary extra lights added (800 lumen led, 500k)
Added api root tabs (even if I didn't need them)
And a crap load of re planting...

Heres a video update. Sorry for the apparel, I've been a bit ill for a few days.

And photos.




My current livestock:
4 Guppies (1 male, 3 prego females)
1 Sailfin Molly
1 Black Molly
2 Dalmation Molly's
4 Amano Shrimp
2 Albino Bristlenose Pleco's
2 Angel Fish
8 Glo Tetras
Note: I'm at 115% stocking, but they are not all full size yet, and the amano shrimp claim to be 10% (which I don't agree with). Either way, I am relocating the guppies to a new 10 gallon heavily planted tank I am setting up, and a few of the tetras to my other 10 gallon.

Sadly, A Bamboo Shrimp, which I added to the tank 4 days ago has past on, I'm not sure why, maybe just too harsh of change in water, but looking online, I see its common.

Thank you for your feedback about the plecos, I added a seaweed holder which I can put seaweed and other vegetables on, and started adding algae wafers more often. I'm also over lighting for a few days until I develop just a little algae for them (monitoring very closely)

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Hi and welcome to the hobby. Your tank looks awesome. Nice job.

Question: are the bubbles from the DIY co2? If so, for what I saw, they are not resolving enough or not at all for the plants to take advantage of it


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Hi and welcome to the hobby. Your tank looks awesome. Nice job.

Question: are the bubbles from the DIY co2? If so, for what I saw, they are not resolving enough or not at all for the plants to take advantage of it

I know :/ I don't have another solution atm though.
I over compensate by running two diy kits, and my mixture has double the yeast than "normal". Monitoring it using a fluval co2 monitor.
Not getting true green (30ppm) but pretty close...
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