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A few words before the new year

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You have made this hobby and the experience such an amazing ride this year. I have collected the most fondest memories on all of our meets, tours, swapping plants over dinner, lunches and and even hosting an auction which came quite unexpected. We have met local celebrities like Rachel and Frank and attended meetings/Auctions hosted by GCAS and BAS. My hope was always to build a community by racking up these events to give people an opportunity to come forward.

It has been a pleasure to have met so many gifted individuals willing to spare their own time and energy. Each of you now part of our planted aquatic community.

Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year to all. For those who we have not had the pleasure to meet in person this year, there will be more opportunities to come.

Graciously yours,
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Thank you for your effort this year to bring NYAPS into existence along with many other memorable events and activities. Instead of a mere network of planted geeks, I think you created something even better than that: a group of people who we can call friends outside of the hobby.

And for that, we commend you sir.

Happy holidays and a happy new year to you Al!

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Although I am far from the in person events, I love how community oriented the forum is, and I also wish to thank everybody.

Happy new year to all :)

MABJ's iDevice used for this message :p

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A round of applause to you Albert for everything you have done! There is alot of work that goes into coordinating these trips and such and you do a great job!
I had alot of fun meeting everyone at the 2 swaps I went to:) Hopefully I'll be able
to get to more in the coming year.
Thank you for all you do and hope you and your family have a very healthy,happy and prosperous New Year!!!
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