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a few questions

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Hi Guys!

i have newly set up tank (6 weeks) its a 110gal TALL (48Lx 19W x 30H)

set up info:
Substrate- Safe Tsorb

Lighting: 48" Wavepoint 4 bulb T5Ho but i am only using 3 (1 ultrasun,2 florasun bulbs) photo 5 hrs a day


1 tsp KNO3 3x a week
1/2 tsp KH2PO4 3x a week
1/2 tsp K2SO4 3x a week
1/2 tsp (30ml) traces 3x a week
+ root tabs (osmocote plus)

Pressurized C02 24/7
madagascar lace plant
Banana plant
java fern
Water wisteria
Brazilian micro sword
Cryptocoryne wendtii (red,bronze)
java moss
Jungle vals

Here are my questions:
Whats happening to my wisteria and anubias?

2. Do i have to much lighting coz i think some kind of algae is growing on my driftwood

Thanks! :)
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