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Tore down a small tank and have a few things to get rid of. REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED ON THE ANUBIAS AND SWORD, need them gone please:)

Small bucephalandra melawi - $8 SOLD

Decent sized Amazon sword 2 of them, one I accidentally left out of the water for an hour and the leaves began to melt, still alive though and should bounce back easily. Other one is in good shape..healthy root systems on both. Basically it's buy the good one get the bad one free;) $8

Good sized anubias nana - $8 (I thought this was the petite version as that's what I bought it as but someone brought up it's too big, so I guess it was mislabeled when I purchased it...I admit being fairly clueless about plants:))

Shipping First class will be $4, Shipping Priority will be $8. Mind your weather as I don't have heat packs.

Paypal accepted, NO GIFT PAYMENTS (only payments made out for Goods).

Message me for paypal addy if interested.


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