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A few lighting questions

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Hello everyone! I was hoping that some of the more knowledgeable minds can help me out a bit. Last week my reef tank of 5 years completely crashed and everything perished, I shall miss those fish! The day before the crash, I ordered 4 new ATI T5HO bulbs, which I will list below.

2x: ATI 24 Inch 24W Blue Plus
1x: ATI 24 Inch 24W Aquablue Special
1x: ATI 24 Inch 24W Purple Plus T5HO Fluorescent Bulb

The fixture is an Aquatic Life 4 bulb model that was used to light my 20gH tank, and the fixture rested on the top of the tank.

I figured I would give saltwater a rest and return to freshwater but this time try a live planted tank.

From the posts that I have already read, 4 T5HO bulbs on my 20H tank would be way too much.

I haven't even taken the bulbs out of the shipping box yet and my question is would the bulbs I have ordered be good on a planted tank? Or should I just return them and obtain different bulbs that would be more beneficial to me for a planted tank?

Thank you!

After doing some more perusing around these forums I think it will snag up one of those finnex led fixtures and return these bulbs. They look like a decent light.
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Before I upgraded to a 29 gallon tank I had a 20 gallon high. My light is a 4 bulb t5ho 96 total watts. I'm able to control two bulbs at a time. I loved it on that tank. The only problem is you have to have co2 and ferts and you have to find the right balance between all three to prevent algae. My point is your 4 bulb fixture isn't too much if you're willing to add co2 and ferts. As for bulbs I have 2 10k and 2 67k. With that light, co2, and ferts I have amazing plant growth. Just have to find the right combo!
Good luck!

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I agree that if you can run 2 bulbs at a time that should give you a high amount of light (will need a CO2 system). Four would be too much. That said you can always tone it down by raising the fixture higher, putting window screening between it and the tank, and/or using floating plants on the surface. Using a rosette bulb like the Colormax plus a daylight bulb 5000K to 6700K would work well.
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