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Hi Guys, This site's platform was and still is supportive to me, from where i learnt and got encouraged to try and experiment, was in aquascaping, and i got obsessed by plants and eventually turned my terrace into a nursery, where i connected tanks/ponds of fishes pond and plant ponds. had success in good growth of many kinds of aquatic plants, connected my hydroponics system with the pond and did many veggies too. in the green house.
All was DIM, (did it myself) with no other hands involved. the project was of 2 years. and 2 cycles of weather. all i can say is that.. i learnt a lot !:bounce:

So many plants i didn't know what to do, people started buying them and it kept a balance in my hobby.:icon_mrgr

until recent, i was sued by the authorities and forced to stop. :frown:
where i opened up a new door to aquascaping... and started to brand and open up a LFS. im now in the process and expecting to officially lauch the shop on June 1st 2014.:red_mouth

im here to share my experience as a hobbyist at home.
and to learn the business pov of this hobby, i plan to grow on a industry level where im still confused of how to design the nursery, large aquarium racks, shelves setup... :thumbsup:

i would also love to sponsor someone to my local country, to learn and understand the build of a large aquarium shop.

I target the Middle east region, the desert. and hope to make it greener soon.


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