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I am interested in the genetics that go into producing the different varieties of shrimp, specifically the "bee" shrimp. I am confused about what shrimp and/or variations when bred together produce what shrimp. Is the a website that has a comprehensive list of what shrimp produce(or have the ability when the stars align in just the way) when bred together? I have done research on the forum as well as Internet searches plus read any other forum/board I could find..... But everything is scattered and confusing to me.

I am interested Esp. In the Taiwan bee genetics. What is the bee shrimp that everyone talks about? Golden bee? "bee"? Blue bee? Bumblebee? There are so many "bee" types......but I've gathered that only 1 "bee" will cross with crs/cbs to make the genetics of the Taiwan bee.

I understand that crossing golden bees with crystal shrimp is bad(dilutes and or pollutes) the crystal genetics.....but is that the "bee" that you cross with crs/cbs to get the genetics of the Taiwan bee?

Are blue bees just a color variation of "bee " shrimp? Or are they a whole separate species?

One more there a place that has pictures of all the varieties of bee shrimp.....and the offspring produced? I have seen some pictures of really interesting colors and patterns that have come out in the Taiwan bee breeding lines.....but again everything is scattered around the web......have I missed where all the pictures are together?

I'm sure I'll think of more questions as this bear with me!
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