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A comprehensive guide to practically build a wifi controlled DIY LED Unit

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Plant lovers,

I have written an article on building DIY LED Unit for planted tanks. Please check it out, feel free to ask me questions, post suggestions etc.
In a nutshell, it is a wifi controlled ~180W DIY LED Unit that has 6 channels available.
You can find the article here or in my signature

Thanks :)
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Very Neat Writing Sumer..

How about if you (or gladly 'We') extend the fun a bit further..

I totally admit.. Whole fun is in the DIY domain.. Even if some of us cold take so many holes in our wallets.. ;)
It's always the case of Fun Vs Money.. right.. ?

May I let the fun begins..? How about a totally diy WiFi thingy.. ?

With things like using the Arduino WiFi shield.. Arduino yun looks dull.. But why not give it a chance.. ?

Or Wait.. The Raspberry Pi exist.. err.. Looks too much.. might be but could do miracles..

Would love to hear your thoughts..

And thanks for reading my thoughts...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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