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A choice between 2 external filters..

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I am wanting one of the two filters for my 4ft tank (30x122x40cm)(150L).

Eheim Professional 350


JBL CristalProfi Greenline e1501

Basically I have read quite a lot about the Eheim which was the choice i was going to get. Then i went to my local Aquatic Shop and they had both in stock but advised me that the JBL one is better for the money (£30 Cheaper) and that you get an extra years warranty (4 Years).

Any advice on this would be appreciated :)

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I'm not familiar with the JBL, but have several Eheims - they are extremely impressive pieces of engineering. Completely quiet and ridiculously easy to setup (I have the Pro 3 e and ecco pro). Might be worth the extra amount for piece of mind. Wow stuff is expensive over there!!
I've only ever had eheims and I swear by them, but JBL is another well reknown German aqurium products manufacturer in Europe. They make an excellent full line of products. I dont' think you can go wrong with either choice.
I just bought my first canister, after being a HOB exclusive for 20 years.

I have only had my Eheim Pro 3 Ultra G 160 for 7 days but I will never buy another HOB.

The Eheim is as advertised, easy to set up and get up and running and is so quiet that I have to put my ear to the canister to make sure it is running. My left ear, as my right ear isn't so good. LOL

My only gripe is that they only sent 8 feet of hose with the kit.
I also like Eheim over JBL. It's not that the JBL is bad, it's that replacement parts for the Eheim are generally available. I'd sure hate to have to replace a canister filter because I couldn't get a needed O ring, fitting or impeller.
I have 4 Eheims 160, oldest being 3.5 years, and I have only good things to say about them. I have no experience with JBL.

Has anyone had the JBL filter?

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Given those two choices I would go with Eheim because it's easy to find replacement parts. Personally I like Fluvals but everyone knows Eheim has an awesome reputation.
The JBL Offers 1400lph while the ehiem only offers 1050. I know this is the rate of flow without media. I will be using a spray bar most the length of my tank (120cm) to give a good circulation and co2 distribution. I am hoping this filter would give me enough spray power to give me an acceptable "vortex"

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