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A canister filter recommendation?

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There are always folks looking for answers for filters. This is one I came across even though I'm not in need of one.
Value is always in the mind of the person buying so this is not meant to put down any other filters nor say this filter is for everybody. It is simply one that I would likely choose if I needed another canister. I will try to point out the features that I like on this one.

On the auction site?
3-Stage External Canister Filter 265 GPH for Fresh/Salt Water 75 Gal

Major point is the price at near $45-50 US free shipping from US sources.
Big enough to do a 75 for many situations. It is not named but appears to be a Sunsun 304B without a name.
I has all the features I now "require" on new filters. Media trays, improved design of cutoff/ disconnect for the tubing, good latches for the top to seal well but still open easily, Nice grey color for the intake/output tubing, 5/8 inch tubes that appear to be the same as Eheim, and a ready to use surface skimmer already provided. There is also a 9V UV but that is a feature that I do not use at this point.

The downside? It comes with only very limited media---3 filter pads. That means I would want to add some form of bio media, possibly bio-balls, dish scrubbies, etc. as well as some form of course foam. But I can DIY those for around ten dollars which makes the price very good for a starter.

Not the super quality of the Eheim line but then it is about a third of the price, so I see good value for what I need/want.

If you are just loading a tank or somebody that is struggling with a HOB that is not what you want, don't overlook these. :thumbsup:
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