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A call to all live worm farmers! Hear Ye Hear Ye! A poll of sorts...

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Hi folks,

Back to the weekly worm questions! I would like to know what media you use for #1.) grindal worms, and #2.) white worms.

For grindals I'm working off a 5kg brick of coir I bought at the local pot growers shop that I'm not sure I like because along with the fibers there is a lot of crumbly dust in it. They sell various brands and I bought this one on a whim (after 10 hours total accumulated research time on pot growing forums hearing about rinsing and salt residue and pH etc) This makes harvesting more like work than I'd like. I have picked up bricks of Zoo Med coir at Petsmartco and that's ok but I was wondering if there was a "best" 5 kg brick people are happy with out there?

On to white worms - I have been using Miracle Gro Organic Potting soil mixed with some Jiffy Organic Potting soil lately. The Jiffy is heavy on the peat and perlite and the Miracle Gro is heavy on the organics. I would really love to pick your brains on what you guys are happy with so please get specific and use lots of words (my kid's way of saying I talk too much)! The white worms are finally producing well after I bought them in January and now I'm ready to inoculate some new boxes and I would like to experiment with your suggestions.

The one thing I have to say after 1+ years of raising grindal worms is that while they are a fantastic source of food for small fish like CPDs, they are truly a huge PITA due to their propensity to attract mites. If you have a bottle of wine and a half an hour, please share your wisdom with me (us) as to how you keep these pests under control if you don't mind. I know that soil-less substrates are popular but I have had bad luck keeping them from souring and their yields are low.

Folks I really appreciate your input here. Thanks!

And finally, Dave Ramsey has a new video up on Youtube detailing his beginning-to-end method for keeping his white worms. No better step by step is available as far as I know:

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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