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A bunch of Decent fish & tank pics

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10g Shrimp tank

20g Dwarf puffer tank
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Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing. How do you get close to your shrimp? The frontal Cherry face shot is amazing. :thumbsup:
great pics! you should rename yourself to shrimpymatty :hihi:
Great looking tank and shrimp pics! That shrimp tank is going to look great when that wall grows in as your background:eek5:
The frontal Cherry face shot is amazing. :thumbsup:
Agreed, what are you shooting with? And please do keep them coming.
38g - apistogramma cacatuoides tank

Trim and re plant day 1

Two weeks later

And now the fish

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yep here is a PRO! :p

Wonderfull Picts! Cleanned aqua glasses! hehehe

What is the secrets! Ur camera must have the fastest timeshot!

Keep doing it! We need those great picts! :p
Actually I use a low iso so the depth and color are better but the shutter speed is lower. The only reason the shots look the way they do is because most of my fish will pose for me. You will see when I get to the 20g dwarf puffer tank I don't have very many pics of the DPs because they won't stay still.
55g Discus tank. one 7" White pigeon, one 6" blue diamond, one 5" blue leopard, two 4.5" San Merah, one 3" blue turq.******.jpg

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Excellent photos.
beautiful tanks.
wonderful discus.
thank you for sharing.
Word up! puts my point & shoot Camera to SHAME :icon_eek:
Very beautiful discus! Very nice fish and tanks all the way around:proud:

You take very nice photos! I need a new camera:icon_neut
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