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I was going to go with a 20 L but i am now considering an Aqueon 8 Evolve

Here is what I need to know.

A) What kind of plants can you grow with the stock lighting. I would not use CO2. I would probably gas myself.:)

B) I want to go with 1 - 1/2" of MGOPM. I will not strain the MGOPM because I figure the wood chips will soften the water. Then I would add a 1" cap of Petco white sand, NOT Marine Sand which is aragonite. I do not want to buy 50lbs of play sand, when I would only be using about 5-10lbs.

I do not plan to use ferts. I figure over time, the fish waste would provide the necessary matter.

C) Can you ditch the Aqueon filter insert and use a sponge, AC ceramic media in a bag, and some carbon in a bag in the sump area?

D) Can you put a 50W heater in the tank area? Does the (flimsy) cover have enough space that you run a cord into the tank area?

I need a 50 W heater, because I sometimes lower the room temp to 55F.

I figure the acrylic would insulate, so a 50W would be sufficient, but I dare not go lower.

However, I am afraid to put the 50 Watt in the sump area, if I load it up with Carbon, a sponge and ceramic. There may not be enough space, since I plan to ditch the Aqueon insert. I do not want the termometer touching any one these.

E) The fauna I plan are

6 - Neon tetras
2 - Oto villanius or affinis - both spellings are used, for algae
2 - Amano or cherry shrimp - for clean up

So far this is basically a light load.

I know, I know, neons should be in a 20 L, but I love neons.


Either (only 2 of one)

2 - dwarf gourami - or -
2 - sparkling gourami - or -
2 - blue platys (if I can find them)

I know you are all screaming now; but I figure the plants and filter would pick up the bioload.

Finally, I need an educated guess on this.

The reason I want to go with the Aqueon is that i have this neat 60 year old side table.

I figure the tank acutally holds about 9 gallons which would be about 75 lbs.

If you add in the tank, the pump the lighting, the solid, sand and fish, I figure 110# overall.

The one inch top is not solid as you see, but it is braced.

I want this to be low maintenance.

No ferts or C02.

Just MGOPM + white sand cap.

Stock light.

Water changes do not bother me. I would do about 1/2 gallon every two days.

I want to keep the cover on, to slow evaporation, and insulate to a certain extent. My room can be cool at time.

But I need to know if I can run a heater cord into the tank area with the cover on. I do not want a 50 W in a sump area.

I would aim for a polymer, auto shut off - if empty - heater/

But is there a gap in the cover.

I do not have drills or tools to modify anything. So if I have to drill anything, I might as well go back to a rectangular glass tank.

But I love the look of the Aqueon.

BTW: What about the pump. Is it strong enough? Can I stuff foam underneath it to quiet it down?

A lot of questions: I know. Thanks.
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