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A beauty.... But want to get rid of it

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before 2 months I started with my small(2x1.5hx1) planted tank. To mature the tank first I put some Vals, Hygrophila Difformis, Anubias Nana and Amazon Sword.

I have used 3 substrate layer. At bottom normal Soil .5", then SERA Plan Substrate 1" and top of that 3-4mm gravels. Just for the experiment, I started with very High Light (arround 4wpg), DIY CO2 and EI Method. I thing I did some wrong Micro dosing and I met my fate. With 10 days the tank covered with Brown Algae (All Over the leaves), Green Hair Algae (??) and the tank glass was also covered with the Green patch.

Immidiately I stopped dosing and cut out the light to 1.5WPG. Gradually my tank became a Low light, Low Tech Tank without maintenance. Only I used to change 50% water. But even after a month of stop dosing the tank is thriving with Green Hair Algae (??). What Ever I put into the tank is getting covered by GHA.

Take a look at the below picture, just before 10 days I put some H vertcillata and immidiately it hit with the GHA. Don't know how to get rid of that. Please help.

Thanks In Advance.

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you have to manually remove the algae or get fish that will eat that like Siamese algae eaters etc...

Once algae takes a hold they'll stay there for a while.

Your mistake was to go 4wpg from the start with not enough plant mass to support the system. Try 2-3 wpg (8 hours) with dosing & CO2.

oh, and lots more plants.. And fast growing plants too.
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