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i posted about this tank about 2 weeks ago here is planed stock and plants

55 gallon tank 48x13x20
current t5 HO 2x54w 1 freshwater bulb and 1 10000k light bulb
glass top
1 fluval 405 should i put the marinland 350b on with that or is that enough just with the fluval 405
45 pounds of flourite with root tabs
maybe 1 aquaclear 70 powerhead for water movement

3 amazon swords
3 clumps of java moss about the size of golf balls
5 clumps of hairgrass for carpet (any other suggestions)
16 dwarf water lettuce plants
2 kinds of crypts havent decieded
6 dwarf chain swords
4 java ferns
5 jungle val
3 or 4 annubus

pair of angels
6 gold rams or german blue rams
20 neons
10 cories
4 otos
6-8 kuhlii loaches

sound good

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lg0815

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IMO your stocking is a bit heavy. The bioload is managable if you keep up the water changes, but doesn't leave much leeway... personally, I'd go 4 Rams and 5 Cories. Rams tend to tangle with Cories if/when they start spawning, anyways. A 55gal doesn't have that much floor space.

If the Angels and Rams spawn at the same time there's also potential for a massacre. Depends on the Angels in question, though.

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IMO your stocking is a bit heavy. The bioload is managable if you keep up the water changes, but doesn't leave much leeway...
+1 on overstock... I've got a 55 (bout 20% panted). list of fish follows, & it's already feels (n know) somewhat overstocked in my tank. g'luck LG

3 Angels
2 Blue Gouramis
3 Dwarf Gouramis
14 Neon Tetras
4 Ottos
2 German Blue Ram
2 Yo Yo Loach
few small shrimps

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well i am going to put the cories down to 6 and can i do 4 german blue rams

should i use the fluval 405
havent had GBR for long, but they may have problem once they pair up & ready to breed. 2 female & 1 male is another option... but if you'll have lot of plants, they should be OK.

If u already got the fluval they it'll work fine. if ur thinking of purchasing it, i'll go it one step larger one. general rule be 5 gph, for each gallon of tank water... g'luck man. :proud:

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Less species of fish is always better. One might not think that until you see a nice big school of some sort of fish. Currently I have 13 odessa barbs in my 35, and few small catfish. The shoal looks pretty cool! Stocking plans seem reasonable until you actually see the big mess of fish you have as adults.

Speaking of species, I love STEM PLANTS. You could add in a nice species. Of the ones I have tried, I loved Limnophila sessiliflora, Egeria najas, and Myriophyllum verticallatum. Some people prefer hygro/ludwigia/others... I can see the appeal of such plants, but they aren't at the top of my WANT list.

They grow nice and thick and fast, with great texture. IF you like grassy plants, by all means stick with the ones you have chosen. Or, if you are the adventurous type, you could go get some sago pondweed (or another kind of pondweed) The sago pondweeds are lovely, grass like stem plants. Depending on how cold it is outside, sago pondweed is easy to find on the third rock from the sun. One can locate it in most bodies of water, if you are into collectin.' There may be local laws about such things, but if you'd rather not worry about such things... then that's up to you.
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