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96W TRU compact fluorescent

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I just recently purchased the Coralife 30" Aqualight Strip and Hellolights is having a sale on bulbs... is the 96W TRU compact fluorescent the correct replacement bulbs for the Aqualight strips?
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The light bulbs for the Coralife Aqualight Strip light is the 21 in 65 watt bulb.

Here are your options based on which Coralife lighting fixture you have:
30 in. Coralife Aqualight Single Strip light- one 65 watt 21 in bulb
30 in. Coralife Aqualight Double linear strip light:
freshwater planted - two 65 watt 21. 6700 k bulbs
saltwater- one 65 watt 50/50 bulb, one 65 watt 10,000 k bulb

This is a good website to help with info -->
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