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95Gallons aqurium issues

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Hello everyone,

i have a 95g planted aquarium with
Alternanthera Rosanervig
Ludwigia palustris
Ludwigia repens Rubin
Heteranthera zosterifolia
Nesaea crassicaulis
eleocharis parvula

these are my water parameters
CO2 25 ppm
ΝΟ3 25 ppm
PO4 1
Fe 0.3
GH 3
4 x54w 2 at 4000K 2 at 6500K
light 0,7watt/litre 8 hours
temp 25 Celcius

these are my ferts
Fe from Seachem
and microelements from co2art uk (celated trace)
im dosing EI for 300litres (79g)
my issue is that most if not all of my red plants don't show proper growth and their leafs turn green,
height of aquarium 60cm (im suspecting this is the culprit)

length 120cm
width 50cm
its running for about 2 years now

any help would be greatly appreciated !!


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i do groom them, but new leafs grow green again
IMO, it's a lighting issue. I'm my experience red plants that won't stay red is due to lower light intensity or lack of red spectrum within the lighting being used.
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Lighting may be it depending on reflectors. Seems like it would be adequate light though. Weigh increasing your lights versus buying ludwigia super red. It's red for me at all stages with about 50-60 par at substrate in my high tech setup. If you want to keep that plant and try to increase red you could do what a lot of people say with red plants, decrease nitrates, increase iron and light. You could try getting your no3 into the 10ppm range while increasing your iron to the 1ppm range. Don't know if that works as I have not had the issue but that is what I have read on many forums. Running co2?

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Just a thought, maybe the bulbs need to be replaced depending on how long youve had them

Another thought would be to change the 4000k bulbs to something like a coralife colormax... not specifically that bulb, but there some wide spectrum bulbs, i cant reeber the name that has a similar color spectrum. these are the ones i was thinking of
The ultra growth wave, ultra cola
From the research I have done and my own personal experience, light intensity (they like high light) and iron both play a big role in keeping the red plants red.
Do any of those ferts have iron in them?
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