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911 canister leaking

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call 911!!! My fluval 405 that I have had since 2005 has sprung a leak I can figure out where the leak is coming from. I gor home and my tank lost two inches of water in a matter of five ours. So I shut the canniatwr off for the night. My bed. My floor is soaked. Any ideas here guys?

I do have some lily pipes I believe to me at 13mm so it may be time for a new canister filter... What canniatera do you recommend that have the space like baskets for media ND sponges like the fluval and 13mm hoses. Eheim??

grrrrrr. I hate coming home to something I can't fix imediatly
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It's very possible it's the o ring. But then again I use a water based silicone lubricant every time I do maintenance. It's not dry or cracked or even shrunk.

I'm thinking its time for a new canister
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