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So this is my second stab at putting a journal up on this site. I don't think the initial first post went through (or whatever) so this will be a bit more thinned out than that edition of the copy.

My previous experience with keeping fish was purely secondhand; I grew up with a father that kept large tanks, mainly freshwater, mostly schooling fish (and discus once) and always had fond memories of going to the LFS, spending endless amounts of time looking at all the possibilities. Through most of my teenage years to early thirties, I had very little in the way of interaction with the hobby until I met my current partner. She has always had a small tank in her classroom and I would help out on occasion. Mainly, I never really had much of an interest but was always happy to assist her when she needed.

This past June, she presented me with the opportunity to rebuild her 10 gal that had been wrecked by the shutdown when COVID hit. She was locked out of her school, couldn't gain entry and left the upkeep to her boss - which in hindsight - was really, really unfortunate. Luckily, one of the platies survived and when we made the transition, she survived. I got some plants, two more platies, new light, new filter and made it into a lovely little thing:



I built on it over the next couple months and used an old record cabinet for a stand:

We unfortunately lost our initial platy but gained a little one in the process. I also added 9 neons and a couple amanos. The tank has since gone through a few additional changes but that'll be posted later.

As I dove more into the science and arts of the hobby, I became more fascinated with the aquascaping culture and the creativity that it could really afford you. Coming from an arts background, this piqued my interest. Unfortunately my current tank had limitations and there was only so much I could realistically do to change or scape it. I wanted a bigger tank. After a lot of back and forth - plus my partner taking a new job (which meant she would be needing a tank) - we decided that she would take the refurbished 10 gal and I would work on something bigger.

Initially I had my sights on a 90H, but after seeing it in the flesh, it was far too deep and bigger than I wanted. After talking to one of my LFS staff members for a bit, I decided to go with a 90P, but a rimless low iron spec. I obsessed about the aesthetic and did my research: lily pipes, co2 diffuser, led lighting, smooth white cabinet, all the things I had seen in the videos. I count myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to undertake a project of this level, with this sort of look, and a partner that fully understands (but does not mention) I went beyond the initial budget I had proposed. :|

We literally rearranged our space to accommodate this when she saw it and our initial spot was not going to work whatsoever. It ended up in a more open and accessable spot. Thankfully my father still had some of the driftwood and stone from his old tanks and ended up saving me on that aspect of the project. It also served as inspiration and a lovely reminder of him when I would work on, or look at the tank.

That brings us up to August 2020. I also at that point decided to do a DSM. Full specs of the tank are as follows:

Tank | 48 gal Seapora Crystal Rimless Low-iron
Stand | Aquatlantis Elegance 36" White
Filter | Eheim Pro 4+ 600
Light | Fluval Plant 3.0 36"
VIV Skimmer Inflow and Lily Out
VIV CO2 diffuser
CO2Art Reg Dual Stage
Inline Hydor 300 Heater
Amazonia Light AS
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