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90g craigslist tank for $150. Somebody tell me it's worth it.

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Depends what the condition is and what comes with it. If its just the tank then maybe its worth it.... only maybe.
Looks like stock gear. I'd probably keep the heater(s?) and use the HOB as a backup, but the fixtures/gravel/deco etc. would probably be garbage.
The problem is I've been looking for a 75-90g off and on for a while now, and what I really want is a new bare-bones setup. Instead there's always a stand, or "starter kit" hood/filter/etc. PetSmart/PetCo don't seem to sell anything bigger than 60g or so, and I refuse to buy anything that has that measly 13" depth. Wish there were more options out there :(
See if you can get the guy down to $100.

$150 is a nice deal if it holds water and is ready to go no matter what the equipment is.

I wouldnt pay more then $100 for the tank it self.
Agreed, for a used tank, I wouldn't pay much over $1/gal even for that size.

Whether it's worth it or not depends on how scratched up it is IMO. Silicone can be redone, but buffing out scratches can be hopeless, and you can end up with hazy glass.

The Petsmart I frequent has regularly 120gal (4x2x2) and 125gal (6ft) tanks for sale. You might want to ask, should be easy for them to order you one if they don't stock them. Of course they'll be way more than $1/gal.
see if you can haggle a bit .... i would pay $100.00
Thanks guys, took your advice and yesterday offered $100 for it. Got a call today and picked it up. Turns out it comes with a big ole filter and massive powerhead, as well as a heater. And it looks good. Good deal! :)

P.S. And it's actually a 90g too, not somebody's "guess" :)
Out friggn' standing! I have a tank on order but I'm still addicted to looking on CL to find an awsome deal. Sometimes getting those stands and canopy setups can pay off in the long run. I've been looking for stands and canopies I can buy for cheap. If I refinish them and put some of my special touches on them I can turn around and make a profit to support my hobby.
We need pictures
It's gonna be awhile. Though I might start my first tank journal. I might actually start it with the stand I'll be building - sent out an email regarding a miter saw on Craigslist today.
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