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I'm parting out a 90 I never setup after moving.

For the whole lot I'm asking $525.:surprise: At this time I will not ship anything. I'm located in Binghamton NY. I'm rebuilding the kitchen in this home and need the space!

If you come alone I can load the tank and stand for you.

1 x 20LB co2 emtpy, 1 x 5 lb 3/4 full, 1 x 5lb empty
eheim 2213
+ hoses, media etc.

Two powerheads used as dosing pumps (maxijet 1200)
glass lilly pipes Two outlets, 1 intake
UV filter Coralife 3X + new bulb
Inline water heater
C02 gear two JBJ regulators + solenoids, one with three way fitting and bubble counters.
Flourite 4-6"
Driftwood 6-7 pieces some very nice
90 G tank with black silicone
Stand for tank, includes numerous switched outlets on both sides of stand interior. Room to plug everything and then some in!
D1 Vortek Diatom filter
Large pond filter
Python with 50' hose
nets, dry chems for dosing, test kits, mag float + and more.
Everything in the photo is going.

There is a wood hanging canopy that was fitted with mylar and metal halide lamps. The metal halide lights are in use on another tank but the empty canopy can be included.

I will sell all of the equipment without the tank and stand for $325.:surprise::surprise:



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