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90 Gallon Planted - Low Tech - Fully stocked

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Tank Inhabitants:

- 6 Leopard Angelfish
- 8 Torpedo Barbs
- 4 Rainbow Boseamis
- 1 Turquoise Boseami
- 2 Yoyo Loaches

Lighting: Tank light on 5-6 hrs a day. T5HO.

Plants: Java Ferns, Anubias, Anubias Nana, Golden Anubias

Substrate: Regular black gravel

I took this pic a couple days ago, and the video a few days before that.
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Liking it.
Maybe add some tall grower's toward's the back like Crypt balansae,or vallisneria?
Will take fair amount of time for balansae to get tall, but val's would grow quickly.
Thank you! I would try Jungle Val's again, but I've found that they dont like my water too much, they end up melting after a couple months. :(
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