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I don’t want to part with this since I have tons of hours spent building and planting this setup, but we will be moving in a few months and my wife would have to take care of it for several weeks without me and would just be easier to not take with us.

This is a 90 gallon paludarium that houses 6 leucs. The leucs were 4-8 months old when I purchased them from a local breeder in Jan so that makes them 7-11 months old now they are out and about all the time but not yet calling. The tank is heavily planted with various peperomias, marcgravias, mosses, bromeliads, begonias, anubias, buce, philodendron verucosum, pelonia, orchid, and others.

Please see my build thread for pictures

Includes the following:
6 leucs
90 gallon tank and custom built stand
Eheim 2217 canister filter to clean the water section and power the waterfall
Fruit fly culturing supplies
Many established springtail cultures
Custom DIY wifi controlled LED fixture (Cost $300+ to make in parts alone)
Mistking setup
Reefkeeper lite to control the lights, heater, and mistking

I have well over $1000 invested in everything with all the extra odds and ends. Asking $500 for the setup without the light, $700 with the light

No I will not break this up to sell except for the setup and light. I don’t have to sell this, would just make it easier on me. I am not able to deliver, pickup in St Louis, MO.

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