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Tank has been up for 3 months. Had another thread but decided to move it here.
Here it is before everything started growing:

-2 dual Diamond plate T8 shop lights
-Eheim 2215 canister filter
-2 Eheim Ecco 2236 canister filters
-2 Hydor inline heaters

Mineralized top soil capped with white pool filter sand

-9 Cherry barbs
-12 Neon Tetras
-3 SAEs
-2 Bristlenose plecos
-ghost shrimp

-Anubias (nana, petite, golden)
-Jungle val + leopard val
-Dwarf sag
-Marsilea Minuta
-Argentine Swords
-Crypt Wendtii
-Amazon Sword
-Java Fern
-Red Ludwigia
-Rotala rotundifolia
-Hygro (stricta maybe)

-Mini Pellia
-Taiwan moss
-Java Moss


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Since the last update you can see a lot of stuff has grown. The jungle val has gone crazy and I have let a few of the largest plants go without trimming them. The largest leaves are at least 1.25"x4'.
The swords are not doing too great and the SAEs ate all my fissidens and tawain moss :icon_cry:

My BN plecos bred multiple times so I have a babies everywhere.


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Im "digging" it haha; dig dirt ;)

Thanks for all the compliments! I will upload another video soon. I have changed a lot around and just need to give it some time to adjust and grow out again.

I have added a Bolivian ram and a kribensis then I have a honey gourami in quarantine. I plan on getting another school of smaller fish as well. Most likely rummy-nose tetras and/or leopard danios.

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I have not been able to update this in a long time with school keeping me busy and a huge blue green algae bloom. The tank is now recuperating so hopefully it will be looking good again soon. I tried to get a view from inside the tank with a gopro action camera but it did not download properly on YouTube so sorry for the horrible quality.
Hopefully I can get some descent pics soon.

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