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8x T5HO???

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Ok, so I am trying to figure out what plants I am limited to with an 8x T5HO.

Not sure what intensity to consider my 8x 39w light thats 72" over my 8' long 240g tank.

Would this be considered intense, medium, or low light?

Sorry, I just got back into FWP, been reefing for a long time so I kinda have my gauges a bit set on the high side (I have a 400w MH + 4x39w T5HO over my 90g 36x24x24 Reef tank).

My first plans were to put 3x 250w MH over this tank but my buddy suggested it was a bit too much... So that's where the T5HO came in the picture....

Any help?
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how wide and tall is your tank?

If it's something like 8' x 24" x 24", I think two 4x54W T5HO or 6x54W T5HO would do. Add pressurized CO2 and a good fert regime and you should be able to grow anything. Good luck!
Yes its 8x2x2, I already have the light it is 12" too short on each side but its all good cuz I got it cheap ;)

It has a total of 8x 36" 39w T5HO (4 on each side)

what I really want to know is, if the part of my tank that is going to be directly under the T5HO going the be under high, medium or low light.

I plan on putting low light demanding plants on the two edges of the tank where there will not be bulbs directly above.

thanx, your work in progress looks great!
it's very hard to say if it is "medium light" or "high light", as reflectors and how high the bulbs are from the water factor into this. Being an experienced reefer, I'm sure you already know this :hihi:

if you have individual parabolic reflectors, I'd say you're in between "medium" and "high" on the areas where it is lit, and somewhat "low" on the unlit side areas.
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