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Hi All
I have a ATI sunpower unit that holds 8x54w tubes, two of which are actinic
I intend to change all the bulbs that are currently in place as they were used for a marine setup ... I have trawled the net for advice on combinations of tubes to use for a high spec planted tank but most advice relates to marine setups

The information I did find recommended aqua flora tubes combined with midday 6000 ..and some used purple, blue specials, and a 10,000k bulb ....

I wondered if anyone has any advice on the best combination to use for both plants and fish

Are the tubes mentioned above a good mix? And how many of each would people recommend
As a guide I wrote down the following:
1 blue special
2 purple
3 aqua flora
4 midday 6000
5 midday 6000
6 aqua flora
7 10,000k
8 blue special

Obviously these were just my first thoughts so any help would be much appreciated
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