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8G Nano - Cluttered - Need advice on culling

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Hi PT people! I just got into this planted tank hobby's so much fun that I ended up going a little overboard and have cluttered up my nano. As the plants grow I see that some of the placement looks a bit unnatural (specifically the anubias) and I've decided that I'd really rather have a cleaner, "zen" feel.

The tank is 22 days old in the following shots.

Q1: ID? The "betta bulb" to the right has grown quite tall. I'm sure it's doing a great job filtering the water, but the coloration difference is too great and I feel it murks up the midground. I'm thinking of replacing the onion/val w/e with a java fern to match the windelov in the center. Y/N?

The microsword has started to spread and the little path will not be sustainable...this much I've learned. That being said, I'm glad it's chosen to propagate despite the bit of die-off it is experiencing.

Q2: The anubias I had originally intended to be a mid-ground piece on the right side is losing its scale. The crypt is growing more than I thought it would, and with the background filling in there's seemingly no space for a plant with this leaf type/size. Also, I think this side of the tank should stay light green. Remove the anubias? Replace it with some transition plant? Just let the crypt grow into the wisteria?

Q3: Also, I have just majorly cut back the wisteria and replanted the tops rather densely on the left hand side. They do not receive much light due to the cover - will they grow? Or should wisteria be planted more sparsely?

Q4: I have just received an order of fissidens fontanus. I tied it to some flat stones and placed it in the back right corner to fill in the cave. Some pieces were also shoved in the crevice surrounding the windelov and the base of the driftwood. Good idea? Too cluttered? Have an opinion on where it should be (if at all)? I tried tucking some in around the top of the log by the filter but did not like the way it

And just a few more pics:

Thanks to all who contribute - I'm inspired by all the beautiful tanks I've seen around this forum and greatly value the insight you can offer.

Thanks again,
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