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I have a planted discus tank which is 5' by 2' deep by 18". For lighting I have 3 80w fluorescent tubes.

They got a bit old, and I have just replaced 2 of them with an Arcadia Plant pro and an Arcadia Tropical Original. This last tube is rather dim and very pink, the Plant pro is brighter and just a wee bit on the pink side.

I thought it would be a good idea to replace the 3rd tube with one that has a colour temperature of about 6700 K or so. These tubes prove very hard to find in the local fish shops where I live, and on-line shops are reluctant to mail them, as they are so fragile. Arcadia do a tube in that colour, but not in the 80w size.

Looking around, I find that these tubes, made by specialist manufacturers, are very expensive; they can cost up to £50. However, I found a daylight tube, with a 6700 K colour, supplied by an outfit that sells light bulbs etc for the home. Their tube cost about £6 or so.

Is there any reason why that one wouldn't do the trick?
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