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80G Planted Lighting Advice Needed

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Newbie here. I'm setting up a planted tank with Java Fern, Amazon Sword, and Dwarf Hair Grass. I'm hoping to get a nice carpet of DHG along the bottom, and had looked at these as a light source:

2x Beamworks LED: 900 Lumens, 10,000k, 174x.06w LEDs

I realize that this isn't 6500K, but was thinking that more light intensity would encourage faster/fuller DHG growth, along with dosing Seachem Flourish. Also, hoping that two fixtures would give better distribution, given the directed nature of LED lights. These will be sitting about 5 inches from the surface on top of egg-crate (light diffuser panels)

Thoughts? Alternatives? Better solutions? Any help is greatly appreciated by someone that is a bit uninitiated. Thanks!
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So far the .06 watt LEDs have not been shown to be good as planted tank lights. They just don't provide enough light. I don't know the dimensions of your tank, but I suspect you will need a LED light made with 3 watt or better LEDs. Look at the Finnex lights for example.
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