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808 guppies new list

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Just stopped by my farm a project in action and just scooped up some new High quality strains from my ponds. Massively bred high quality features. Here's a list of what I have at my home. Some are short on stock due to preorders. Prices may be higher than most people but quality is there. These were hand selected from the mainland and bred here locally for 2 years. I kept this a secret only cause didn't wanna get peoples hopes up and shatter their dreams lol. But here we go Da list!

Longfin lyretail blue ( these put out more blue but is still multiple colors)

Lyretail red (puts out red but still multi colored)

Dark Moscow blue (body poses blk but nice tinge of blue in the tail)

Pitch blk Moscow (entire guppy blk females even pose half blk)

Tequila sunrise (orange red yellow a little of everything here)

Blk eye japan panda ( no pupils eyes are almost all blk) (stock low)

Taiwan red ( high quality red) (out of stock)

Tuxedo ( body multi colored tail fin blue to blk color)

Metal head cobra Moscow (out of stock)

I don't sell these guys adolescent or juvis I sell them as full grown adults already prego no virgins. Will be stocking virgin guppies for my own selective breeding. Anyone interested pm me your info name number. Pictures can and will be sent through text. I will send actual pictures of the pairs trios you may want.

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