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I'm getting out of the hobby for awhile and figured someone would better use this stuff

The tanks I have are 10 gallon, 10 gallon tall, two 30 gallon longs, 3 20 gallons, 20 gallon long and of course the 80 gallon. I have several Ehiem submersable heaters, some I've never used.

The 80 gallon has submersable Ehiem heater, 2 HOB filters, air pump, stand and mixed gravel.

The 10 gallon high fits on a nightstand that I'll throw in for free.

The 30 gallon long and 1 of the 20 gallons fit on the 1 metal aquarium stand I have. 30 gallon long will only fit on the top of the stand and the 20 gallon fits on the lower shelf/portion of the stand.

I also have boxes of miscellaneous aquarium supplies and ornaments. Most of the tanks have gravel that can go with them.

No idea what to charge on these so am willing to accept any reasonable offers. All of these items are pickup only and I live in the Fort Collins area.
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