I grow these plants in a plant-only tub dedicated to giving them an opportunity to grow in their healthiest state, letting me provide packages at a lower cost compared to online retailers. These will ship out Monday. Snails may be present. I try to keep the tub pest-free but it is not always a guarantee.

Since I have a crazy amount of H'ra, Rotundifolia, and Stargrass, expect a bit more than what is listed. It is currently overtaking the tub lol!

50+ Stems, 30$ shipped First Class, 40$ shipped Priority Mail (Medium)

Ludwigia Sp. Red x3

Ludwigia Repens x5

Bacopa Caroliniana x2

Hydrocotyle Tripartita Bunch

Rotala Rotundifolia x10++ (plus signs indicates you may more than likely receive more than listed)

Rotala H'ra x10++

Water Wisteria x5

Stargrass x10+

Please PM for inquiries or questions :)