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75G Riparium for Gymnogeophagus

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This is a pre-journal at this point, but I think that I have scored a pretty sweet tank to use for a new setup. My main intention for this display is to make a nice habitat for the new little group of Gymnogephagus labiatus that I scored back in July at the American Cichlid Association Convention in Oconomowoc, WI. Here are these little devils that I bought from a skilled Milwaukee-area fish breeder.

They came with locality information too, "Rio Olimar". I don't know any more specifics about the collection point, but I might be able to figure that out by asking around some more.

These things are awesome when they grow up into adults. Just look at this show fish.

I think that one might have placed in the show. I was immediately in love with these Gymnogeophagus cichlids when I saw them there. I had never really heard of them before and I understand that they are experiencing a lot of recent interest among hobbyists. They only grow to about 6" and have relatively mellow temperaments, so I think that a 75G will be a good match for a small group. At the convention I also caught part of the presentation by Scott Arney and Jeff Cardwell, Collecting in Uruguay, about the Southern South America habitats where these fish originate from. Uruguay is pretty far south and has an almost temperate climate. The pictures of the fish biotopes looked to me more like rivers in Wyoming than the tropical rainforest habitats that are more commonly associated with South American cichlids.

Here is a link to an awesome photo thread over on with pictures of Gymnogeophagus and other fish along with biotopes in Uruguay.

I want to put together a nice riparium planting for this tank. I might research plants to a certain extent, but I will for sure take some liberties with plants that aren't necessarily representative so that I can get a nice riparium layout. I do want to add some kind of shoaling fish that will be more or less authentic for the habitat for this Gymnogeophagus. I'll have more ideas and specifications in the next few posts. I need to work on getting the new tank here because it is still over in the next county.
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I used to keep a few different gymngeos (el norte, blue neon valentine), miss those guys some days.

Also kept them with red ceibals:

They love sand, and love to sift through looking for food. If you're going to try plants in the substrate, good luck!

edit: you can find some more info here.
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