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75g Planted [dirt/blasting sand]

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I recently setup a 75g to replace my 29g tank. Most of the plants were transplanted from the old tank, and in some cases I had only one stem remaining. I had one tiny patch of glosso left.

Plant Vertebrate Terrestrial plant Vegetation Sunlight

Plant Terrestrial plant Vegetation Grass Groundcover

Plant Leaf Botany Terrestrial plant Vegetation

Plant Natural environment Botany Terrestrial plant Wood

Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Vegetation Wood

Plant Leaf Twig Vegetation Terrestrial plant

Plant Terrestrial plant Twig Flowering plant Annual plant

Plant Botany Leaf vegetable Vegetation Grass

Plant Terrestrial plant Houseplant Flowerpot Groundcover

Water Liquid Plant Beak Terrestrial plant

Plant Road surface Asphalt Terrestrial plant Grass

Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Road surface Grass
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What kind of sword is that?
kleiner prinz sword plant
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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