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75g Planted Community Tank a.k.a. The Jungle

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- Eheim Pro 3 2075 filter
- Eheim Jager 300W heater
- Finnex Planted + LED fixture
- Safe-T-Sorb Substrate

Plant list:
- Crypt wendtii
- Anubius petite
- Anubius barteri
- Asian ambulia
- Tonina Belem
- Lace fern
- Dwarf sag
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Bacopa Caroliniana
- Dwarf hair grass
- Flame, Java and Christmas moss
- Java fern
- Pennywort
- Jungle Val
- Sunset Hygrophilia
- Bacopa Caroliniana
- Bacopa Monnieri

- 4 Pearl Gouramis (1m, 3f)
- 1 Golden Ram (m)
- 6 Oto Ccatfish
- 25 Cardinal Tetras
- 1 RCS (the lone ranger)
- MTS, Ramshorn, and Pond snails

- Flourish Comprehensive
- Dry
- KNO3
- KH2P04
- Micronutrients

05/12/2014 - 1/4tsp kno3, 1/16th kh2po4
05/13/2014 - 1 cap flourish comp



This is my first and only tank which was started on 03/22/2014. I need advice / help, which is one of the many reasons I want to keep a journal. Main goal for my tank is to have something that is low maintenance and has good growth. So far I feel I have been having some great success but there are some small issues I hope to get a hold of and resolve before things get out of hand.

Problem #1
Dwarf Sagittaria and a baby Bacopa stem is having an issue where leaves are becoming see through and dying. This is a very localized area of the tank in the front right corner only. the rest of my plants don't show the same problems outside of a small 4" x 4" area (maybe even smaller area). My best guess here is the water flow in this part of the tank is not that great and plants are not receiving the ferts in this area. Does this make any sense? Thoughts?

Problem #2
BBA, i am pretty sure I know the reason for this and I thought I would make note of it here as a reference and a time stamp to see if the changes I make will have the desired effect. I believe I have BBA because my nitrates have been 0 for the past week. I have since ordered the dry ferts and should be here today (according to the tracking), I plan to start dosing right away to bring up my nitrates at 5-10ppm and maintain that level consistently. I will also spot treat the areas with hydrogen peroxide to remove it and cut some of the sag leaves which have a lot of BBA on them. Something I wanted to ask, why is the BBA only appearing on the dwarf sag and driftwood? It seems to not show up on anything else. Any ideas? Is my theory about having no nitrates right? Do you think there could be other reasons for BBA? Up until I had no nitrates (major plant growth has sucked everything out) I didn't have BBA. I also read that BBA becomes present with very low nitrates.

Problem #3
Water circulation. I have the intake for the filter on the far right corner in the back of the tank and the spray bar at the top on the far left side of the tank. The spray bar sits horizontally along the side pane of the tank. I have the hole shooting on a 45 degree angle towards the surface of the water to create a bit of surface agitation (makes some ripples but no bubbles). Is this a good way to have it setup?? Is there a more optimal setup that would provide better results? I don't really know that this is a problem or not but I have always wondered if my current setup is ideal. Some of my long plants are bending from what I think is the current along the top of the water.

Thanks in advanced, I wouldn't have come this far without the help of this community.
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I just got my dry ferts in and I think for the first little bit I am just going to be dosing kno3 in combination with flourish comp. I want to track how adding nitrates is going to effect things and also see if other deficiencies start to show up I can address that when the time comes.

Hopefully this will help resolve some of my issues in the tank.
Today I decided I wanted to change things up a bit with the moss as it was getting out of hand.

I removed everything that wasn't attached to the DW and tossed it all in a big container, rinsed it with tank water to clean it up and cut it up into small chunks. There is 3 different type of moss which is now all mixed up and I am hoping for a really cool look.

I couldn't remove the dw from the tank as its bolted down to huge pieces of slate which is buried in the substrate so lets just say attaching the moss to the dw was a PITA. Didn't have enough to do all I wanted but as it grows out again I will cut it back and keep adding.

here are some pics of the finished product.

Started dosing ferts today, added 1/2 tsp of kno3 (which ended up being 25ish ppm nitrates which I didn't like). I was aiming for more like 10ppm so I will use a 1/4 tsp next time. also added 1 cap of flourish comp, trying to use this up before digging into my dry ferts and will see how growth and plant health is.
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thanks ;) my hands are still all pruned up from being in the water for so long...
tested the water this morning for nitrates after adding about 25-30ppm worth on wed night. nitrates were 0 as of 9am, so rather than dosing the same 1/2 tsp of kno3 like before I decided I didn't want to jump from 0-30 again and only dosed 1/4 tsp instead.

Going to test the water soon and see how much nitrates i get, I suspect around 10-15ppm which is much more ideal. I will probably bring it down further to an 1/8th of a tsp and dose daily.

The idea is to feed what my plants need and no more. Also dosing a cap full of flourish comp every 2-3 days till i use it up and then switching to dry micro's and macros.
This is really lovely!

How are your pearls getting along? I've heard they fight, but I've heard they don't. :)
They are doing great, they all get along really well tbh. The male spends a lot of his time solo because he hangs around the lower portion of the tank to scavenge for food. I have otos which I keep cucumber and zucchini out for them to have as supplement to algae and the pearls really love it too. The males doesn't really let the girls share with him though. outside of that, its all love in the tank.

The girls can do a bit of chasing but its completely harmless. I was planning on doing a small video of the tank to post up. Keep an eye out for that and you can see them in action.

They only are into each other, ignore all other tank mates. Sometimes my male golden ram will chase they out of his territory but they don't really fear him.
I wasn't gonna put moss on my driftwood but seeing i
How it looks on your I'm definitely considering it now it looks so cool. The tank is looking awesome
Just found this thread, I have a lowish/med. light 90g with BBA, no nitrate as well, let me know how the dosing works!! Also, in my bowfront, I have dwarf sag with the same leaf symptoms as you, it's also low tech, but it is very heavily planted, and I attributed it to a lack of potassium or too little iron. Iron is iffy though, with the BBA issue, just a heads up. ANd make sure to remove these dead/dying leaves in the meantime, as the added organics of decaying plant matter can add to your BBA problem.
I have been removing them.

I was going to dose potassium too if I don't see improvement with the nitrates.

My plants consumed over 20ppm of nitrates in 2 days
I wasn't gonna put moss on my driftwood but seeing i
How it looks on your I'm definitely considering it now it looks so cool. The tank is looking awesome
Thank you, I can't wait till it all fills in
Thank you very much.
Thanks, that's good to know as I'd love to have a group.

They are doing great, they all get along really well tbh. The male spends a lot of his time solo because he hangs around the low.......
No worries :)
so since adding kno3 I have noticed the dwarf sag that had gone transparent has stopped. No other leaves are showing stress any more. Still having some balance issues and thus some algae. I feel with some time I will be able to work out the kinks. So far algae is under control, not really spreading much at all. I am using peroxide to help control / kill / slow down bba.
updated list of plants and fish.

- 25 Cardinal Tetras
- 8 Peppered Corydoras
- 8 Kuhli Loaches
- 8 Black Skirt Tetras
- 4 Pearl Gouramis
- 1 Blue Gourami aka 3 Spot Gourami
- 1 Golden Ram
- 1 Bristle Nose Pleco

- Ramshorn Snails
- Malaysian Trumpet Snails
- Pond Snails
- Cherry Shrimp

- Anubius Barteri
- Anubius Petite
- Java Fern
- Lace Fern
- Java Moss
- Christmas Moss
- Flame Moss
- Cryptocoryne Parva
- Cryptocoryne Wendtti
- Najas Guadalupensis
- Cardimine Lyrata
- Asian Ambulia
- Dwarf Sagittaria
- Rotala Rotundifolia
- Rotala Macrandra Green
- Bacopa Caroliniana
- Micranthemum Umbrosum
- Pennywort
- Vallisneria Asiatica
- Vallisneria Natans Tiger
- Hygrophila Sunset
- Hygrophila Corymbosa Compacta
- Hygrophila Corymbosa Siamensis

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