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tank: 75g
light: 108w T5HO Odessey
subtrate: Mineralized Topsoil with ecco and leaf topping

ALTERNANTHERA reineckii [Red Temple]
Corkscrew Val
Crypt beckettii
crypt lucnes
Echinodorus uruguayensis Sword Plant
echinodorus vesuvius
e. tenellus (Dwarf chain sword)
Hygrophila corymbosa Kompakt
LUDWIGIA REPENS [Primrose | Ludwigia natans]
Moneywort [Bacopa monnieri]
rotala rotundifolia [Rotala Indica]

30 Rummy nosed tetras
10 oto cats
10 hatchet fish
4 female bettas
10 green cory cats
??? pair/trio [fish below]
??? pair/trio [fish below]

Im looking for two pairs/trios of fish to put into my community tank. Im thinking of two of the species listed below. Im NOT worried about keeping the fry, just want to see them breeding and raising there fry. If any survive then they survive.

Im wondering if anyone has any experience with any of them?
Were they really aggressive?
How big was the tank?
Were they easy to breed?
Did you mix any of the fish below?

Dwarf Flag Cichlid- Laetacara curviceps [male 3.6" Females 2.8"]
Bolivian Ram - Mikrogeophagus altispinosus [Males: 3.5", Females: 2.5"]
Panda Apisto - Apistogramma nijsseni [Male 3.4". Female 2.8"]
Red-Breasted Acara -Laetacara dorsigera [male 3.2". Females 2.6"]
Agassizi's Dwarf Cichlid - Apistogramma agassizii [Males 3". Females rarely exceed 2"]

Umbrella Apisto - Apistogramma borellii [males 2.6" females 2"]
Threestripe Apisto - Apistogramma trifasciata [Male: 2.2" Female 2"]
GBR - Mikrogeophagus ramirezi [2"]
Apistogramma panduro [2"]

Blackline Apisto - Apistogramma gibbiceps [male 1.4"- female 1.6"]
Redstripe Apisto - Apistogramma hongsloi [male 1.4" female 2"]
Finestripe Apisto - Apistogramma resticulosa [Male: 1" Female: 1.2"]

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I've successfully bred M. altispinosa and several species of Apistogramma. The Rams are wonderful, they're great parents, and not overly aggressive. I noticed no injuries during several spawns in community tanks.

Apistos as a whole are more aggressive than the rams. They're not going to go nuts, but they have been more aggressive than my rams whenever they spawn. They haven't done any damage either, but they can harass the others pretty good.

I've had A. cacatuoides, agassizii, hongsoli, viejita (listed from most-least aggressive) breed for me. I think that aggressiveness is kinda hit or miss though.

For all spawnings I've done nothing more than regular maintenance. I use tap water, playsand/pool filter sand as a substrate, and feed a variety of regularly available foods. Frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, krill (on occasion), and a decent pellet (NLS, random selections from Ken's fish).

Is your tank a standard 75 (48x18)? If so, you should have no issues with overly aggressive fish. The majority of my spawns were in 20 long or 30 long community tanks. Just make sure to provide plenty of obstacles to break up the line of sight.
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