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75G Lighting - Anyone try this light?

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I just got a new 75g for a killer price, so I thought I would try my hand at a larger planted tank. I currently have a 20g (DIY CO2) med light, and a 55g low light.

The 75g will be Eco-complete (I couldn't pass up $7.00 a bag), and Pressurized Co2. The lighting is still a toss up, my goal is to get a light that if I choose to change to SW at a liter date it will be able to support fish and basic corals. Nothing too fancy. I love the way LED look, and I want to us moonlights at night. I really like the way this light looks, but I also considered adding LED to one of the other options. Anyone try this light out yet? If so how did it work on a planted tank?

Any opinions are welcome, if I do end up going with it, I would be willing to try and get PAR measurements if anyone would be interested, that is unless someone already has them.
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