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So the wife has thoughtfully found a place to setup my 75 gallon standard tank in our new house. The tank has been in the garage for over a year now, so as long as it still holds water, this whole thing won't be for nothing lol.

Last time it was active it was a very nice, easy going Crypt/fern/moss tank. I want to crank it up to 11 this time.

I've got a Co2 tank, Regulator might be busted, but this tank will have Co2 one way or another. Lighting is going to be the big 'new' purchase.

LED is out just for the cost. Would LOVE to build an array that large, but can't see spending the money for that just because I want too when something cheaper will work as well. So I'm leaning very heavy to getting the Catalina 4x54w 48" T5HO light. I've read on here that all 4 bulbs close to the tank is way over kill, and it's hard to get a good spread of light without using the most outer bulbs only. This light is going to be suspended, and I'm going to see about controlling each bulb individually to help give me better control.

I've not had a higher-tech tank this large so I'm not sure where exactly I want to be on the lights. I'm not sure what plants I'll end up with, right now I'm really just getting by with collectoritis and a few nano's lol. So really about anything is possible. My personal 'style' though is much more suited to Dutch and Nature type layouts.

That's where I'm at right now. I'm open to idea's and discussion. I don't get the blessing from the wife to spend this much at once often, so I'm trying to make sure I get something that is what I will need now, and will last to what I might get into later as well.
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