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75g - its a jungle in there.

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I let my tank grow and grow the first month of class.
Finally I had to get things back into order.

New Scape

Not sure where to go from here. a few crypts, and a moss
would round things out nicely.
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That's a beautiful tank and nice job on the video.
Ditto! I love your aquascape. Right now, mine is very much a typcial "fish tank" I'm slowly replacing the plastic plants and cheesy decorations that we don't care for, I hope it ends up and beautiful as yours when we are done.

Good Job!
Love the dutch style. Great contrast as well!
dude, I want your trimmings
Decided to re-scape, and add a few species of plant to the line-up.
I will have to re-organize some once new varieties grow out some.
Also not 100% on the new woodwork.

Added - C. Furcata, C. Caroliniana, C. pulcherrima, Glechoma hederacea, L. Peruensis, Glossostigma elatinoides.

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The color variation is super pretty well done!!!
Nice growth
I like the variety of colors in this tank
Yes, Tiger Barbs. Full of energy, and easy to keep. I have 8 albinos and 8 regular. plus a common pleco to complete the stocklist. This tank is all about the plants. All the pretty fish are in my 125g South American Community Tank, minus my mated discus pair.

I have been continuing my slow growth regiment. Daily Dose nutrients every other day. Daily - glutaraldehyde (45ml). Dosing potassium and iron daily to maintain PPMs.

Glechoma hederacea is starting to spread. Definitely producible in submerged form. Peruensis is settling in. Still trying to push the hygrophila corymbosa to a deeper red color.

6Bulb HOT5 Rack @ 17.5 inches from substrate.

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Great looking tank!! This is exactly what I would want in a tank, the only thing that I'm missing is uhmmm.....ability.
That looks awesome, I love it!

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wow great growth and great dutch style aquascape. i think grouping the rotala macrandra together more would make it look better
Gosh id love some trimings of the red ludwigia youve got there in the back. And Absolutely awsome scape, i really like the one active school of fish as well, it really helps move your eye around the tank. Great job
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